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Kasarani MP Karauri eases ID application in Njiru


Aug 6, 2023

In Kenya, if you don’t have a national Identity card, life can be extremely difficult as one ends up cut off from virtually all government services.

For thousands of people across the country, getting an ID can be nigh on impossible. Some Kenyan citizens can’t obtain a national ID card owing to various factors ranging from lack of the requirements to bio-metrics for some who carry out manual jobs.

However, for the residents of Kasarani constituency in Nairobi, the hustle for one to acquire this vital government document will soon be a thing of the past.

Kasarani constituency Member of Parliament Captain Ronald Karauri has started a project that will see youths in the constituency have faster access to their ID Cards after facilitating the issuance of IDs closer to the people.

In Karauri’s initiative to make the process of acquiring an ID less cumbersome, the first time MP has partnered with the interior ministry to set up an ID issuance desk at the Njiru Chief’s office within Njiru sub county in Kasarani constituency.

According to Karauri, the initiative will see thousands of youth who have attained the legal age of 18 years get their national identity cards at the chiefs office making it easier for the youths who have had to visit sub county and county offices to apply for this vital document.

For one to be granted a national ID, you have to have an acknowledgement from your local area chief before heading to the sub county offices to start the application process but for Kasarani constituents, the process will now start and at the chief’s office cutting short the long process.

“This is the time for our youth who have attained the age of 18 years to get their Identity cards and enable them to access and enjoy services from the government and other vital services like mobile money access,” Karauri said.

Karauri, the self proclaimed voice of the voiceless said that now, Kasarani youths will have a date with ID issuance officers every Thursday at the chief’s office in Njiru to enable them enjoy their rights as citizens.

Karauri has launched the initiative dubbed “Wakati ni sasa operation” to enable thousands of youths facing difficulty in getting IDs easily apply for one in their proximity.  

“Wakati ni sasa operation itawezesha vijana walio na miaka kumi na nane wapate vitambulisho ili waweze kufurahia haki zao kwa uongozi wa captain Ronald Karauri people’s project and voice of voiceless. Every Thursday tembea kwa chief Njiru from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm upate ID yako,” Karauri said.

In Kenya, politicians only facilitate the issuance of ID’s to residents during elections campaign periods, however, Karauri has stood out as the first MP to facilitate the process for residents of his constituency outside the electioneering period indicating that the process is not informed by politics but service delivery by the MP.


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