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How Dennis Mutiso Is Taking The Real Estate Sector By Storm


Aug 2, 2023

Dennis Mutiso is a revolutionary leader who has taken the real estate sector by storm creating generational wealth for families in Kenya and abroad.

Born and raised in Kenya, Mr.Mutiso’s services are unmatched and his efforts in making sure families have land and a roof over their heads is exemplary.

Many compare him to Fred Trump one of the greatest real estate developers to have ever lived.In Africa,land is a sign of stability, wealth and status.Mr.Mutiso has made efforts to ensure that everyone has a chance to own land through a credible and trustworthy company.

The land sector is Kenya has been plagued by alot of untrustworthy and unreliable people but Dennis has restored confidence in the real estate sector something that was really needed.

In a recent interview he stated,”We want everyone to be able to own land.We want everyone in Kenya to have a place to call home.We are trustworthy,affordable and reliable.Give us a chance and you’ll be happy with our services.”

He added,”We want to see every family happy,stable and thriving.We want to create generational wealth for families.We want to give the very best services to our clients.”

Through his company E.M Primelands Limited everyone is now able to own land no matter the price point.His prices do not favour only the rich but the common mwananchi as well.E.M Primelands sells land in Konza, Nanyuki and Kangundo road at the best prices.


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