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End of Road for Scams and Con Games in the Real Estate Business

For the longest time ever, the real estate sector in Kenya has been surrounded by narratives of scams and con games.

Buoyed by frenzied advertising, Kenyans have had to lose their hard-earned cash to companies that promise heaven but end up delivering hell.

For starters, this is the sector that despite any efforts to bring sanity scams have been the order.

Despite saving their hard-earned cash, Kenyans have always ended up losing billions through con games.

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Picture this, paying to the tune of Sh 2 million but you end up buying air. Yes, that has been the situation in Kenya.

However, there is one man who has decided to bite the bullet and bring sanity in this sector.

Kinyua Wairatu the brains behind the popular Maono lands limited, a household name in Kenya is the man behind the restoration campaign.

Kinyua Wairatu a household name in the local media is a man on a mission. His mission is clear to ensure that no Kenyan has lost any coin to the fraudsters.

“Owning a home is no longer a luxury but it has become a basic need. It pains me when I see people losing their money to fraudsters. However, with the association in place no one will lose his money again,” avers kinyua who chairs the Association.

So serious is the campaign that Wairatu says that no Kenyan should consider buying property from a company that is not under the Association.

Wairatu says that there is a bright future in real estate saying that it will be one of the most respected sectors in Kenya.

“Never again will we be associated with fraud. I am a man on a mission and i have no luxury to resign or retreat. Real Estate must be transformed no matter what will come by my way,” he says.

At the end of this month, Wairatu with like-minded Kenyans will be launching the association’s website and USSD code.

“This will be the one-stop shop for all your real estate queries. We have all genuine companies in place and their work. By the end of the year we expect to have transformed the sector completely,” he said.

This publication wishes Wairatu all the best in his formidable mission.

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