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How Sahil Affriya Is Taking The E-Commerce Sector By Storm


Jul 6, 2023

E -commerce entrepreneur Sahil Affriya has built a good reputation in the e commerce industry for being competent,vibrant,reliable and giving the best service through his company Shiprazor.

Mr Affriya who is only 30 years old at the time of this interview is known as an innovator who has elevated the ecommerce sector to new heights through his company.

His company which is used to link organizations to logistic/transport companies has made it easier for companies to decide on when and how they transport their goods.

The service which is online and operates 24/7 has more than 100 customers in East Africa alone.Affriya who lives part time in South Africa stated that he looks forward to expand the business to South as well.

In an exclusive interview he said,”I am very happy to attend and moderate this award ceremony because I’m am very passionate about the e commerce sector.”

He added,”It is a new sector that is rapidly growing and is profitable.I am grateful to be part of this widely growing sector and I would like to thank my customers for supporting me.”

Sahil Afriya is a budding entrepreneur who lives in South Africa but has roots in Kenya.He is well respected in the e commerce sector and is often invited to seminars to speak as an expert.Today he is known as one of Africa’s top entrepreneurs under 40.


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