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Association of Real Estate Stakeholders Receives Major Boost with Entry of Kenyan Popular Artists to the Business


Jun 16, 2023

The recently formed Association of Real Estate Stakeholders has received a shot in the arm after various popular artists vowed to work with the entity.

The artists who are known for their various hits lauded the formation of the entity saying it will play a big role in restoring confidence in the industry that has been tainted by bad tales.

At the same time the artists have also sent a story message to all real estate companies saying they will only work with a company which is registered with the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders.

“After deliberations and consultations, we have decided to support the new association. This is where Kenyans will get confidence. This is the association that will also not tarnish our brands. Never again we will work with anyone who is not part of this association,” the artists said in a joint statement.

The artists say the association will also help then to launch complaints anytime they arise.

“In the past we have been blamed which is very okay. We are happy to announce that the association is the real deal. We want to even us to work with peace knowing we are influencing clean for companies,” they said.

This comes even after Association of Real Estate Stakeholders Chairman Kinyua Wairatu has began an ambitious campaign of weeding out fraudsters hiding behind real estate.

Kinyua avers time ripe for every Kenyan to own a home without fear of loosing their hard earned cash.

Kinyua has asked Kenyans to only invest in a company that is registered with the association of real estate stakeholders.

The association is set to launch its office on Monday next week.


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