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NHIF CEO Samson Kuhora Illegally Cancels Tenders Last Minute


Jun 14, 2023

NHIF CEO Samson Kuhora illegally cancels tenders last minutehNHIF CEO Samson Kuhora illegally cancels tenders last minuteh as bidders submit documents
There were chaos at NHIF headquarters on Wednesday morning after the Funds CEO Samson Kuhora cancelled several tenders that had earlier been advertised.
Several bidders who turned up questioned why the cancellation happened last minute without being informed.
Some threw their documents at the NHIF procurement office on 7th floor.
In an online message, the CEO cited section 63 (1) (e) of the public procurement and assets disposal act 2015.
But the bidders questioned the last minute cancellation and vowed to challenge the process in court.
“We have spent many hours preparing documents. Getting bid-bonds and other statutory requirements. The CEO should have communicated through the mass media earlier enough. This is black mail and we won’t allow it to happen,” said a bidder.
The canceled tenders were provision of consultancy to provide actuarial services.
Provision for supply, delivery and implementation of endpoint solution and email security.
Others are provision for insurance and brokerage services.
Provision of co-insurance and facultative insurance services (consortium) for Group Personal Accident (GPA) and Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA).
The other canceled tender is provision for emergency road evacuation services for National Health Insurance Fund Scheme members.
All, the tenders were to be submitted by Wednesday 14th June 2023.
Strangely, the CEO cancelled the tenders on Tuesday evening at 4.30 pm without informing the public.
NHIF issued the tender on May 30, with prospective bidders having until June 14, 2023, to submit their bids.
One of the contentious tenders has been shs 7 billion provision of co-insurance and facultative insurance services (consortium) for Group Personal Accident (GPA) and Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) for 120,047 civil servants and NYS staff from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.
The acting CEO Samson Kuhora is reportedly interested in the tender and is pushing several Insurance firms to bid.
“He has been pushing one of the leading consortiums. We are aware of his machinations and that’s why he cancelled the tender. We know he wants to amend documents so that they suit the people he wants awarded. They have promised him shs 50 million,” said a source privy to the ongoing at NHIF.


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