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Walking the Journey of Abundance Mentality: Keys to Unlocking Prosperity and Success


May 15, 2023

By George Wachiuri

In today’s world, the pursuit of abundance encompasses not only material wealth but also the empowerment and well-being of communities.

Here at Optiven, we always endeavor to be propelled by the concept of abundance mentally.

That is why, 23 years later, Optiven’s purpose has steadfastly remained; to economically and socially empower communities with the goal of creating 30,000 jobs by the year 2030. We aspire to expand its presence to 20 African countries by the year 2040.

Courtesy of embracing this concept, we have continued to roll out massive real estate projects, state-of-the-art family theme parks, bush camps and restaurants.

It is still through this inspiration, that we now run one of the largest free-to-participate global mentorship programs, known as the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship.

Through the Optiven Foundation, Optiven also carries out significant charitable initiatives, such as empowering students through scholarships, supporting decarbonization of the planet, and providing assistance to hundreds of individuals suffering from cerebral palsy and other humanitarian programs.

So, what is Abundance Mentality?

Abundance mentality refers to the thoughts of leaders or individuals who believe that there is enough for everyone. This mentality dismisses notions of competition and disruptive innovation that harm other businesses, instead believing that everyone can thrive in the marketplace. It is indeed the best mindset for progressive people across the world.

Why is Abundance Mentality Important?

1. It allows everyone to thrive and enjoy the marketplace.

2. Competition turns into collaboration, expanding the market and creating confidence throughout the marketplace.

3. Customers can enjoy a variety of options without fear of losing.

4. The sharing of ideas becomes common, fostering significant growth.

5. Leaders openly share ideas without ill feelings.

The Opposite of Abundance Mentality is Scarcity Mentality:

Scarcity mentality refers to a mindset or belief system characterized by a persistent feeling of lack. It is the belief that resources, opportunities, and successes are limited and scarce, leading to a fear of not having enough.

Individuals with a scarcity mentality tend to focus on what they lack rather than what they have, and they often perceive life as a zero-sum game, where someone else’s gain is their loss.

What is the Impact of Scarcity Mentality?

1. Infighting and unfair competition within the industry.

2. Leaders believe that eliminating and destroying the competition is the best way to dominate and win the market.

3. Scarcity mentality leads to stress and insecurity among leaders.

4. Players constantly strive to outdo one another, resorting to social media attacks, destruction of advertising materials, and spying on the competition.

5. This mindset stifles innovation and creativity.

How Can One Develop an Abundance Mentality?

1. Always compete with yourself to become better.

2. Learn from other leaders, not necessarily by copying them, but by allowing them to stimulate your thinking.

3. Read books and watch videos on this subject.

4. Join mentorship programs, such as the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship.

What Does the Future Hold?

Ultimately, the future favors those who embrace abundance mentality, since it fosters collaboration, innovation, and a belief in limitless possibilities, unlocking opportunities for growth and success.

George Wachiuri, entrepreneur, patron of the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders, and author of three books: “Soaring Like an Eagle,” “Unleash Your Full Potential,” and “After the Plunge.”


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