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Mandera MCA Farrah Asks Govt To Increase Salaries


May 3, 2023

Mandera MCA Farrah today attended the MCAs conference at KICC and felt that the conference was effective in tackling some of the issues they face as MCAs.

The MCA said that the event was good because brought all MCAs countrywide together for the first time and added that he was impressed that their needs were being met and addressed.

Mr Farrah however expressed concern that MCAs all over Kenya are always pressed to donate some cash when invited to public events inspite of their salary being minimal.

He added,”When invited to public events we love standing by our people and donating but sometimes we are squeezed because at times we have to donate so much inspite of earning so little.”

Mr Farrah also added that the government should bring the ward fund soon so that it can develop areas equally.He promised to work hard and deliver on the promises he made to the people of Mandera and wants to touch the lives of as many people as possible.


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