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How KWS Boss Erustus Kanga Is Transforming The Wildlife Sector


Apr 28, 2023

Erastus Kanga is an inspirational leader who has led KWS for a couple of years now making it better than it was before.

In his leadership the organization has achieved alot like the reduction of wildlife crime, deforestation and other vices as well.

Kanga who has beaten the odds to be one of the best who ever did it in this country does all he can to protect what we value most which is our wildlife.

Many looking at him as the man who would turn things around he has done this successfully poaching being at its lowest in decades.

His efforts mean that future generations will get to enjoy what our fore fathers enjoyed that is the beauty and wildlife of this country.

His efforts are also the backbone of the tourism sector as wildlife is our main attraction and not only brings in billions but employs millions of people in the tourism sector as well.

With Mr Kanga at the healm of the Kenya Wildlife Service,Kenya is in safe hands as he is a leader who has whole heartedly made it his mission in life to protect what we love and cherish the most as a people that is our wildlife.

Wildlife plays a big part in who we are as a people as it is our main identity and what we are known for in the world.


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