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Saruni Real Estate A Unique Contemporary Development That Embodies A Luxurious Lifestyle


Apr 21, 2023

The Saruni a real estate company based in Kenya has taken the Kenyan market by storm with their luxury affordable homes and plans to set the bar in luxury living.

The company which is based in Riverside drive offers high rise apartments where you get to wake up with the sunrise & sleep with the sunset.The view you get of the city from your apartment can only be described as heavenly and breathtaking.

The name Saruni is derived from a samburu word meaning sanctuary showing the company’s intent of making their client’s living space feel like a sanctuary.

The founder credited his wife for the success of the company stating that The Saruni is the success that it is today because of her.

Real estate experts have described the Saruni as a unique contemporary development that embodies a luxurious lifestyle.

The apartments are designed by the best architects and interior designers in Africa making it a small heaven for the urban connoisseur.The apartments are one of a kind and a worthy investment.


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