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Optiven Founder George Wachiuri Talks About Expanding Real Estate Business Across Borders


Apr 10, 2023

President William Ruto was recently left stunned after he stumble a Kenyan real estate company Optiven selling 50-By-100 Plots in Rwanda.

The president was in Rwanda for a working tour, where, besides meeting President Paul Kagame, Ruto met Kenyans living in the East African country.

Ruto burst into laughter expressing surprise at Kenyans’ move to take local business ideas to the neighboring Countries.

“I saw that company. That company was called what?, ile ya 50-by-100 hapa nje (that 50-by-100 company outside here. Ile kampuni ya plot hapo nje inaitwa nini (What’s the name of the land selling company outside here). The crowd answered in unison, Optiven, Optiven, Optiven…..

Ruto went ahead, Yaani you guys mmeleta mambo ya 50-by-100 mpaka Rwanda (You mean you guys have brought that 50-by-100 idea here. I was really surprised,” Ruto said amid laughter from him and the crowd.

Ruto further disclosed that his administration had an elaborate plan to help its citizens, both home and away to own homes, under the Boma Yangu initiative.

Speaking to the Media, Optiven CEO and Founder George Wachiuri lauded the continued partnership between Kenya and Rwanda.

Wachiuri noted that Optiven has been keen to live up to its key objective of offering affordable property investment options, not only within Kenya but way beyond the Kenyan borders.

He said he is driven by a profound passion to inspire and encourage Kenyans in Diaspora to make wise investment decisions, especially on the property market back in Kenya

“We are passionate about helping Kenyans in the diaspora to tap into the rich network that we have developed over time, which includes key Government institutions, financing facilities, and other resource centers. We assist these Kenyans further by hooking them up with some of the best professionals in Kenya, including professionals at all levels involved in acquiring and developing properties. This goes a long way in facilitating the Diaspora persons in taking the right route when it comes to investing their resources,” he notes.

Wachiuri noted that Optiven has embraced the opportunity to tap into the Rwanda market by empowering investors to invest in real estate.

His remarks come shortly after the Optiven Rwanda team returned to Nairobi after engaging Rwanda market where they had meeting with Kenyans living there.

Optiven Limited made its foray into Uganda in May 2017, further strengthening its partnership with Kenyans living in Uganda. This saw a good number of Kenyans living in this East African country own properties in Kenya.

Optiven last year officially launched its Global office in Karen at the Zamani Business Park.

Group chief executive George Wachiuri said the move was aimed at addressing challenges Kenyans living in the Diaspora face when searching for properties.

“We are happy to have opened this global office as we seek to expand to other countries and especially to the East Africa market, we are ready to serve all Kenyans with a real deal,” Wachiuri said.

It’s notable that optiven does affordable homes, sell a concept of bigger is better I.e. selling 5 acres and above, a case in point is Great Oasis Gardens Nanyuki, Achievers paradise Ngong, Kithimani Machakos, Tulivu Konza, Ushidi Gardens Nakuru among others. The ceo aspires to create over 30,000 jobs by 2030. Optiven currently has a stuff complement of 500 and 5000 indirect beneficiaries. The company run several restaurants and theme parks in Kenya

He noted that the company is driven by a desire to make sure that Kenyans in Diaspora are accorded an easy opportunity to get their title deeds to hustle free.

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