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Mombasa Cement Tycoon in Limelight over Land Grabbing


Apr 10, 2023 ,

A section of Kilifi residents have threatened to sue a Mombasa businessman over claims of grabbing land belonging to them at Vipingo area.

The residents are accusing Hasu -Patel, a renowned Asian businessman cement manufacturing company Mombasa Cement Limited to grab a chunk of the 803-acre piece of land.

Through Sheria na Haki Human Rights Institute, a Mombasa-based human rights organisation, the five residents who claim to be real owners of the plot No 663/IV/MN accused Hassu of using a fake title deed to claim ownership of the land.

Wickliffe Tembo Mwangombe, Kenga Iha, Joseph Karisa, Esther Kache Mwanyele and Geofrey Kamau Ngoiya confirmed through an authenticated title deed that they legally acquired the property in 2002 and got the title in 2022.

The title seen by Weekly C1t1zen was signed and issued to the resident by the registrar of titles SK Mwang1 on December 13 2022.

Hasu allegedly grabbed 147 out of 803 acres of land which he later went on to put up a perimeter wall around denying the residents access to the land and development of their property.

In a demand letter written to the firm dated January 9 2023, Sheria na Haki Human Rights Institute executive director Etore Akaran confirmed that the land belonged to the five residents who acquired it  legally.

In the same letter Etore said the businessman has no right or legal justification to utilise the land and accused him of trespassing, forceful detention and encroachment, knowing well the land belonged to the aforementioned residents.

“They informed us that you have over time with no colour of right and/ or legal justification been utilizing their property as yo~ constructed a perimeter wall on their 147 acres plot out of 803 acres of land, actions which are not only illegal but also unlawful and unconstitutional,” he said.

Etore, however, demanded that Mombasa Cement Ltd through Hasu removes the perimeter wall and gives the vacated possession to the aggrieved residents, or else they proceed with the matter to court.

“Our instructions are hereby to demand, which we hereby do, that you immed(ately remove that perimeter wall which you constructed on their 147 acres of plots out of 803 acres from the piece of land and you immediately give them a vacate possession to the same,” he added

In response to Sheria na Hak1 Human Rights’s letter, Mombasa Cement Ltd lawyer pleaded with the residents to hold for at least 21days as they wait for further instructions from Hasu who was said to be using his lawyers to buy time as he plots his next move

The lawyer’s letter dated January 13 2023 and signed by Cyprian Onyony failed to admit liability in any form to the demands raised by the residents.

Sheria na Haki Human Rights Institute, however, will be heading to court possibly this week to demand that the land be reverted back to the residents who are known to be the bona fide owners.

The organization has also accused him of orchestrating land grabbing problems across Mombasa and Kilifi whe~e he operates his cement manufacturing business.

Hasu is a popular name among poor and vulnerable families in Mombasa and Kilifi who benefit widely from his philanthropic spirit of giving out to the poor.

Sources claim that he was using free food and water he gave out to vulnerable families including street families to hide his dirty side of life which include land grabbing claims.


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