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Patrick Muiruri Offers Words Of Wisdom On Citizen Tv Live


Apr 6, 2023

Today former minister & Gatundu MP Patrick Muiruri went on citizen tv live and offered Kenyans words of wisdom stating that if the discussions between Raila and Ruto arent fruitful people are most likely to go back to the streets to demonstrate.

This happened after Ruto said he was open to dialogue with Raila after weeks of demonstrations, destruction of property and looting leading to instability in the country.

Patrick Muiruri offered his two cents stating if the current issues affecting the country such as highcost of living are not addressed in the meeting people are still going to go to the streets to demonstrate.The discussion will not be fruitful at all if these matters are not addressed.

Mr Muiruri also reflected on the colonial period and how his father was detained by colonialists.Challenges he faced growing up with out a father and sweet victory after the colonialists left and his father came back.


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