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Moha Becomes First African Artist To Bring Two Countries Together Diplomatically Through Art


Mar 31, 2023

Famous matatu design mogul Mohammed famously known as Moha today made history as the first Kenyan artist to work in collaboration with the Ukraine government.

Moha who is known for his creativity and award winning art stole the the hearts of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian embassy as well with his breathe taking art bringing him on in an artistic collaboration between Kenya& Ukraine.

Through his art he was not only able to bring two countries together diplomatically but also beautify Nairobi.This is the first collaboration of its kind in Africa and adds a feather on Moha’s hat.Mohammed now stands as the only artist in Africa to bring two countries diplomatically through art.

When asked about this accomplished he stated humbly,”I am very grateful to the Ukraine embassy for bringing me on to do this project.I am very grateful to God,my wife, my kids and my loved ones for always supporting me.”

Mohammed encouraged the youth to pursue art as an avenue to express themselves.Through his humility he has not only inspired but caught the attention of national leaders such as our former president Uhuru Kenyatta who personally loved his work.

Today Moha stands as one of the most inspirational leaders in the world of art as he continues to inspire people to be their authentic selves.


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