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‘Beware Of Snails In Your Jogoo Maize Flour’Kemri Says


Jan 14, 2023

There have been recent reports of people falling sick after consuming Jogoo maize flour filled with snails inside.

According to one family currently hospitalized in Naivasha they opened the flour and found snails inside but because they had nothing to consume for the day they cooked the maize flour and ate it.

A recent video went viral of a lady opening her jogoo maize flour finding snails crawling inside.It is unclear where the snails came from.The flour which has reduced in quality over the years is being beaten by staples such as Soko,210 and other brands because of its reduced quality.

There has been outcry and people falling sick as a result of consuming Jogoo maize flour in the last one month.Health officials have written a warning letter to the organization asking them to comply with health standards so that people can stop finding snails in their flour and falling sick.


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