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Meet Username CEO Reuben Kimani


Nov 26, 2022

Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Reuben Kimani I am the CEO of Username Investment limited. We are an award winning real estate company based in Nairobi Kenya.We enable middle and low income earners own their dream home and buy land as well.We create investment opportunities for middle and lower income members of the society.

Tell us about your background:

I was born in Nyandarua and raised in laikipia.I am the middle born in a family of 8 siblings.I attended a public primary school and a public secondary school as well.I got the opportunity to study computer science in Jkuat and graduated with flying colours top of my class.I worked for five years the last few years of employment being an engineer at Safaricom.

Where did your love for business begin?

Growing up I was very interested in doing business and I resigned as an engineer in safaricom after we saw a gap in the property market where we could offer affordable housing and property to young people.When I was an engineer I was earning above average but I couldn’t afford land and I imagined how many people are like me and are going through the same situation.So username we saw it as an opportunity to help young people own real estate and land assets that they can enjoy and pass down to their children.

The real estate sector in Kenya is full of challenges what are some of the things you’re doing to make a change in this sector?

I joined Username in 2015 to help grow and scale the company and to ensure people have a safe reliable and trustworthy place they can purchase land in Kenya.Over the years we noticed that people were terrified to buy land in Kenya out of fear of being conned so we chose to create a safe environment for people to buy land.The real estate sector in Kenya has a history of being fraudulent and we wanted to create a safe environment where people can buy land confidently through a trustworthy dependable company.Username is now on top and we are the leading real estate company in the country.This is because we are reliable,honest and dependable.We are also cost friendly and affordable.Our properties are value added they have trees, electricity,water, security and most of our properties are next to the road.They are in good convenient places.We offer strategic locations for our property.We want people to have homes where they can go to work and go home every night conveniently.We also have a money back guarantee where we can refund a client’s money in case they got an emergency and they want their money back.The reason why people say that we are the best is because we are honest and genuine and we offer the best deals.

What difference would you like to make in the real estate sector?

The housing market in Kenya has been plagued by the cost of land,cost of building materials and access to mortgages we want to make it easier for people to own homes.We would like to expand to other african countries to diversify our target market and enable more people to own homes.We are also hoping to go into the construction and manufacturing industries as well to help cater to our overall goal of affordable housing.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started out?

I have learnt that it’s important to learn from other people’s experiences, to be open minded and flexible in the world.I learnt that the world does not move in a linear way and you need to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.The world is very different and young people should be willing to test ideas and try as many things as possible and see what sticks then pursue that.You can only learn by going out there.I also learnt that it’s important to focus on one business and a niche that you love and perfect that then once it’s successful diversify.I hope this interview will be able to help someone do something that they love and enjoy.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I would like to be remembered for revolutionizing the real estate sector and for creating very nice homes and estates for future generations.Places like Karen and Buruburu were built by companies like Username Investments.We have 55projects and they are all gated communities.We would like to see people live in these homes. I would like to make an impact in the world through real estate.

Which are some of the ways you’re giving back?

We are also into philanthropy and we love giving back to society by making education accessible to as many people as possible.Education is still not accessible to people here in Kenya like in the west and we want to make education accessible to as many people as possible.

How can people reach you?

Look for Username properties on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.Our offices are located in Westlands Lemarc building fourth floor and those who are in town can find us at International life house sixth floor.You can also call us on 0725000222 we will be more than happy to usher you into our offices as we have been voted to have the best customer care experience in Kenya.


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