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Amb Julius Bitok Vows To Offer Kenyans The Best As PS


Nov 15, 2022

Amb Bitok Performed Exceptionally Well As Ambassador & Has Vowed To Offer Kenyans The Best As PS

Incoming  Principal Secretary, State Department for Citizen Services Amb.prof Julius Bitok appeared for vetting yesterday. Having performed exceptionally as ambassador expectations are high for Mr Bitok.

Asked about his plans if approved in expediting the registration of persons, he has pledged to fasten the process of issuance of Identity cards to all Kenyans, birth certificates and passports as well.

Amb. Bitok who previously served as the Kenyan ambassador to Pakistan pointed out that the timely issuance of ID cards to Kenyans can only be achieved if the process was digitised.

The Committee tasked Amb. Bitok to lay out the measures he has lined up to address the issue of delays in issuance of passport to Kenyans in need of the document to travel abroad. Noting that the delay had inconvenienced many Kenyans, he told the committee that he would execute reforms to enhance service delivery at the Immigration Department.

“I shall do introduce reforms to hasten the process of passport production to reach the demand of Kenyans. The delays have also spread to the issuance of birth certificates inconveniencing many Kenyans”, noted Amb. Bitok.

Asked how he would address the skewed process of issuance of work permits, Amb. Bitok assured the committee that given a chance, he would strengthen the process to ensure the right people are the only ones issued with permits.He further stated that digitization of the process would fasten the process of issuing the work permits and help identify all those who have been issued with the document.

Amb. Bitok also proposed a solution to the stalled Huduma Namba program. He told the Committee that Huduma Namba was a brilliant idea but hasn’t been utilized to it’s full potential he plans to do that. He promised to revisit the matter through sensitization to Kenyans before reviving the program.

Many feel that Amb Julius Bitok is the best man for the job due to his exemplary performance as Kenya’s ambassador to Pakistan during his tenure exports to Pakistan were at an all time high and Kenyan farmers were enjoying new markets and immense profits.This set him apart from his peers and many have confidence that he will bring the same effort to the ministry of interior.


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