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George Wachiuri:Touching Lives Through Real Estate


Aug 31, 2022

George Wachiuri has managed to turn the lemons that life dealt him into lemonade

Optiven today is a company that stands tall and is admired by many, this is because its founder George Wachiuri,a young diligent man with incredible resilience beat the odds to build one of the most trust worthy and honest real estate firms in east and central Africa.The multi-millionaire from Kyeni refused to give up on his dreams inspite of not being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.Having lost his father at a young age Wachiuri was forced to sell onions and till neighbouring farms to contribute to the family food basket.

School fees was a huge challenge and George found himself and his siblings being sent home frequently but by the grace of God.George managed to overcome all these challenges and graduated high school with flying colours being admitted to lower kabete campus where he continued to pursue his journey of entrepreneurship.

While at campus he started a laundry business and would wash students clothes and iron them as well.He bought a shaver and would shave his classmates while they were going out for missions.He also transformed his small room into a library where students would borrow christian magazines and books at a small fee.Even at a young age many knew that he was destined for greatness as he was already using entrepreneurship to fulfill his purpose and serve the world.

After graduating Mr.Wachiuri was very excited however he filled over 1000 applications due to the job market being so saturated he was only called for 4 interviews.He managed to secure employment at one of the best supermarkets at the time Uchumi supermarket.His entrepreneurial spirit continued and he opened several businesses but he got his big break when he opened Optiven.

When he started the business Mr Wachiuri learnt a very huge lesson after he was baptized by fire in the beginning of his career.He lost 5 million after unknowingly purchasing land with a double title.This was an eye opening experience for him and he made it his mission to transform the land sector into an honest place. Because of this Optiven today is known as the most honest and trustworthy companies dealing in the land and real estate sector.

Optiven is the only real estate company in Africa that has a cash back policy meaning if you purchase land and you find that it has an issue you can contact the company and they will get you a new piece of land or refund your money.These cases are few and far between and for this reason investors in Kenya and overseas trust and feel safe with Optiven as their real estate partner.

Mr.Wachiuri truly has a heart of gold and has a soft spot for philanthropy dating back to his childhood.He says that he wouldn’t want to see anyone suffer like he did and its because of this that he has chosen to make the world a better place.

As a way to give back to the society Mr Wachiuri started the George Wachiuri foundation which has helped countless members of the society to get back on their feet including the elderly.

He purchases land and helps build houses for the elderly,the disabled and the disadvanted in society.He also takes it upon himself to educate their children as well giving them a great future.Optiven recently built a house for a single mother of five children who unfortunately contracted HIV a while back transforming her life forever.The foundation also helps children with cerebral palsy by donating wheel chairs to their foundation helping them greatly.

Due to the high rate of unemployment George started the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship that mentors young people who are venturing into entrepreneurship so that they can navigate the rough waters of entrepreneurship smoothly.

His goal through Optiven is to ensure that more that 500,000 people and more own homes,real estate and have roof over their heads.So far Optiven has been voted the best employer in Africa.It has also been voted as being one of the most diversified employers in Kenya.The company also embraces UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by employing women and practicing gender equality for this reason they are often used as an example in UN meetings.

Optiven has also been applauded by the UN for encouraging land and home buyers to plant trees, conserve water and recycle as much as possible.They install solar panels and are one of the few companies that have embraced green energy to the fullest .Optiven gives awards to companies that go green and this has encouraged many companies to go paperless and follow in Optiven’s footsteps too.

Mr Wachiuri credits his mentors James Mwangi,Vilmah Shah,Manu Chandaria and Dr Wale Akinyemi for encouraging him and shaping him into the entrepreneur he is today.He says that one of the things he learnt and the secret to success is valuing your customers and giving them the best possible service adding that his priority is touching lives and making a difference in the world.

Mr Wachiuri vowed to do his very best to serve his clients and showed immense gratitude towards his clients for giving him the opportunity to serve them.He credits family for his success and thanked them for supporting him and always standing by his side.


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