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Hussein Mohammed’s Football Intentions Questioned: A Closer Look at His Past


Aug 31, 2023

Former Extreme Super 8 Winners, Suppliers and Coordinators Still Await Payment

By Kenn Okaka

In the realm of football, commitment and genuine passion for the sport are essential traits for those who wish to contribute positively to its growth. Unfortunately, the actions of Hussein Mohammed, a former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant, raise serious concerns about his true intentions and dedication to the sport.

Over five years ago, Hussein Mohammed organized his last edition of the Extreme Super eight tournament. The tournament came to an abrupt halt after Hussein’s failed political pursuits. His inability once to secure the Kasarani parliamentary seat and his unsuccessful bid for the FKF presidency led to the shelving of the tournament’s organizational files. This decision not only disappointed football enthusiasts but also left the tournament’s winners, suppliers, organizers, and coordinators unpaid.

Hussein’s apparent disregard for the tournament’s stakeholders and the sport itself reflects a troubling attitude. His willingness to abandon the tournament due to personal setbacks and interests calls into question his commitment to football’s development. It seems that his interests lie primarily in securing positions for personal gain rather than fostering the growth of the sport and the players who put their heart and soul into it.

Now, Hussein aims to enter the realm of football governance by vying for the FKF presidency. However, his track record raises red flags. His prior disappearing act and questionable involvement in financial scandals cast doubt on his suitability for a leadership role within football administration.
A notorious incident that cannot be ignored is Hussein’s implication in the scandal surrounding the now-defunct Pambazuka National Lottery. Accusations of defrauding the lottery of over 500 million shillings culminated in Hussein’s dismissal. The lottery’s subsequent suspension of operations due to financial mismanagement further underscores the severity of the matter. Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi’s exposé on cnyakundi.com regarding Mohammed Hussein’s expulsion from the Pambazuka Lottery sheds light on the depth of the issue.

Hussein’s entanglement in the mismanagement debacle of the Kenya@50 celebrations, in collaboration with former Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario, only adds weight to the allegations surrounding him. The alleged embezzlement of funds earmarked for the event’s performers highlights a concerning lack of ethical standards and financial integrity.

His sudden interest in the FKF presidency appears strategic rather than genuine. Hussein’s attempts to malign the current FKF president on social media and secure an easier path to leadership showcase his opportunistic approach. His association with certain individuals with questionable characteristics also raises further concerns about his intentions and connections.

In light of Hussein’s questionable past and actions, it is imperative that football stakeholders scrutinize his aspirations closely. Football administration demands individuals of unwavering integrity and dedication to the sport’s development. It is clear that Hussein’s history does not align with these essential qualities.

Football deserves leaders who prioritize its growth, the well-being of its players, and the integrity of its administration. Hussein Mohammed’s actions, both past and present, suggest that he falls short of meeting these criteria. As football enthusiasts, stakeholders, and supporters, it is our responsibility to ensure that those who lead the sport do so with utmost sincerity and commitment.

Kenn Okaka is a media and communications consultant


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